Loneliness, the exhibition

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Loneliness, the exhibition

Loneliness, the exhibition

Our first exhibition took place at Grafill R21, Oslo. We were expecting between 60 and 100 people the day of the opening… well, it looks like we were slightly wrong because we had a little more than 300 visitors in less than two hours.


Facts about the exhibition:
In order to reduce the cost (one of our goals)
– All booklets were designed and printed by us, “hand made”.
– The posters were printed in Oslo at Netprint, a very efficient print house with extremely low prices. Without NetPrint’s help we wouldn’t have been able to have this exhibition up and running in time.
Grafill allowed us to use their facilities for free and helped us during the all process. An amazing team! Great people.

Thanks to: Axe Sud (Toulouse/FR), St. Petersburg State Polytechnical University (RU) and Westerdals ACT (Oslo/NO)


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