Loneliness, our work


Loneliness, our work

Loneliness, our work





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ABSTRACT / Set of 3 Posters / Format A1
S.O.D. / Emmeline Hugot / France.

This serie of poster is related to a short-film I am making about loneliness and lonely people. I started this project by interviewing friends, family and people about loneliness. What they thought of it, their experience of it, how it is related or not to any social network. I also ask myself those questions. Among the people who ever felt very, deeply lonely, I discovered a common darkness ( a very personnal one )

“Lonely people don’t talk about what they are feeling , experiencing. And the more they stay that way the more they feel alone and can fall into what we “simply” call depression.”

Depression, we all know what it is, but still we don’t know what it is to live it. The darkness you experience, what you begin to feel and experience that is so far from the personn you once were (still are in public), and ever thought you’d be or thought a personn could be…

I tried to work on this feeling thoughts and actions, that some would call extreme. But I feel everything is relative, and that when you are in such a state of mind, the extreme, to you, is just a solution or maybe the only way ! Of course this is all in the mind, and reality might say otherwise, but that is why the human mind is so compelling to me.

On this serie of poster I choose to illustrate abstractly, with black ink, some sentence I took from my short-movie, the ones I thought are the more impacting. Black ink was for me the perfect medium to express feelings and state of mind, something than can stuck and stay still but is at the same time continuously “changing” and evolving (in worse or better).


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MUSIC MEETS TYPO / Set of 6 Posters / Format: 170×100
S.O.D. / Umer Ahmed / Norway.

“I want to visualize music or lyrics in some form. On a platform people can relate to? Maybe posters with big and direct typography? In a simple way so the people get the message instantly.”

Loneliness and emotions surrounding it have existed for a very long time. And for a very long time musicians and other artists have expressed these emotions and feelings through music. You might have heard the expression “Where words fail, music speaks” by Christian Andersen. This is exactly what artists, bands and musicians are doing today all over the world, expressing their loneliness, and making us aware that loneliness exists.

The idea behind these posters is to show the emotions found in the music and lyrics together, by using typography as image. Typography has the ability to catch the essence of the message you want to deliver with the use of different techniques like, white space, size contrasts, distortion and so on.


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POINT OF VIEW / Set of 8 Posters / Format A1
S.O.D. / Marion Vigouroux / France.

When your point of view gives you the impression that loneliness doesn’t exist, one step aside makes you realize it is everywhere.


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SHP_ / Set of 6 Posters / Format: 100×70
S.O.D. / Yann CM B / Norway.

SHP_ is a set of 6 shapes based on words connected to human emotions and feelings. These shapes were, in a first place, randomly generated by a computer and then modified in Illustrator.

Divisions, connections, attractions, pulsations, rotations. Shapes are interacting together just like us. Putting our emotions on display, raw, without any kind of filters, straight.


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ALONE TOGETHER / Set of 64 photographs and 50 covers
S.O.D. / Yann CM B / Norway.

People on magazine covers are not intentionally put there to make you feel ugly or like a miserable failure. But in a recent study, researchers found that 100% of women felt bad about themselves after looking at beauty magazines for just a few minutes. These unrealistic images of people, who are often airbrushed or partially computer generated, have a detrimental impact on you and how you feel about yourself. But does it make you lonely?

The role of the medias shaping, rather than merely reflecting, societal perception on how you should look, feel and what you should be interested in CAN make you feel lonely. A lot of people feel disconnected and alienated, unloved and unwanted and socially inadequate because you don’t look like a “picture perfect smiling” person all day long. Consistent with our hypothesis, it was found that people are, indeed, influenced by their exposure to the ideal happy persons presented in fashion magazines.


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S.O.D. / Umer Ahmed, Sunniva Mellbye, Liv Santos Holm, Håvard Andested Langmoen and Yann / Norway.

Down To Kill/Dare To KnowDown To Fuck/Dare To Feel. Laughing Out Loud/Lack Of Love. Laughing to Self/Like To Speak…

We are “alone together” after all, using our cellphones in bars, restaurants, not even talking to each other any longer. More and more people suffer from this situation. Our research underlined the fact that people would like to communicate but don’t dare to do it. Too afraid to disturb important online conversations, afraid to be seen as “freaks”. A lonely guest in a restaurant is often seen as “weird”, misplaced. At the same time if you’re alone but bring a book, or your laptop, loneliness seems perfectly normal.

We decided to develop a set of tools to help people to indicate their wish and need to communicate. Simple devices such as bookmarks and pin-buttons, postcards and cards.


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S.O.D. / Idea developed in Russia by Ekaterina Kasakovskaya, Maria Makarento, Anastasia Nesudimova and Ekaterina Farutina / Tested in Oslo, Norway.

We used masking tape and water to set up the installation. When done we just had to wait, observe and later on we interviewed the passengers.

During the experiment most of the passengers started to chat with total strangers, laughing and sharing thoughts about what we had done. Approximately 80% of the people we interviewed were very positive and really appreciated the initiative.


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S.O.D. / Yann CM B / Norway. 

Drive is a 45 minutes movie recorded during a road trip from the Swedish border to Oslo. We tried to visualise what usually happens while driving without any goals. Memories, intern monologs.

I am 6, I enjoy being in my bedroom. It is silent and calm. They called for me, I pretended to sleep, they left.  As usual I walk around, open the fridge, grab some food. They will not be back before 17:00. I have the day in front of me. They talked, it is more like screaming. They are noisy, pretend I am not hearing a word. Walls are thin, voices powerful. I feel lonely when I’m not alone. 

I am 11, they sent me away to some relatives for the winter holidays. It is good for you they said. The people I am staying with do not have the time to take care of me. They do not even have space in their car. They leave every morning. I stay alone, walk in the mountains, think about my place, where I belong, home. Why should I be here? I was fine home alone.

I am 14, they do not say it, but I know that they are worried. What are we going to do with him? They sent me away for another week in the mountains. You love skiing, they said. I do, that is true, but I would rather be alone. 

I am staying in a small flat with one of my older cousins and her boyfriend. They talk to me, I do not want to be there. They left early this morning, I packed my bag and escaped. Hitch hiking was easy. 100 km and I am at the train station. It took me 4 days to get back, I enjoyed the trip. My walkman, music. I slept in train stations, observed. 

I felt good.

I am 15 and they moved back to the country side, even though they promised they would never do it again. I am stuck, far from my friends. Not even a bus stop. I have decided to leave, as soon as possible. I need a car, I need to be 18… If I have to be alone at least I will do it my way. 

18, got my driving licence the same day as my birthday. I am driving, and driving, all day long. Coming back in the evening. I feel free, finally. I spend hours walking along the beach, alone. Dreaming about another place, I will not stay here. The silence. I feel lonely when I am not alone… because everything reminds me that I should not do what I do. 

I am a problem in their eyes, always been one as far as I can remember. They do not say it straight, they pretend to care, to worry,… 

I am driving, without goals or destinations… Music, roads, cigarettes… I am driving, without goals or destinations. My car became my sanctuary, the only place they can not reach me.


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ILLUSTRATION / GUEST / Set of 2 posters / Format: A1
S.O.D. / Norway. 

Illustration made by a talented young Graphic Designer: Nils Eivind Hausken


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S.O.D. / Norway.

Movie made by Alejandro V. Rojas, a multi-disciplinary artist and Art Director based in Oslo.


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S.O.D. / Idea developed in Russia by Andrei Nikitin / Tested in Oslo, Norway.

“Although someone actually dared to pick up the chalk and write something on the blackboard, the experiment didn’t seem to work the way we hoped it would”


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S.O.D. / Sunniva Mellbye and Kitty Lossius / Norway.

With these postcards we want to give you a chance to send the messages you always intended to send, but never found time for. To write a personal message by hand, buy the right stamps and send your postcard off does take some time and effort. Perhaps it is the message in itself that is uncomfortable to deal with. All in all, the letters we do send are often of a different character than an sms sent to one of our best friends.

Our hope is that grandmothers, long lost lovers, former best friends or maybe King Harald will find the postcard they’ve been hoping for, or never even expected, in their mailbox sometime soon. We’re sure that they can forgive and understand most excuses, such as all your pencils being broken, lost or hopelessly in love. The next time you find yourself with naughty pencils, go buy yourself a new one, and make someone’s day a little brighter by sending them a few words.


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S.O.D. / William Løwe Stormdal, Svein Mathias Ligaard and Neno Mindjek / Norway.

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