Our goal is to investigate the possibility of solving socially related problems through graphic design. We also aim to enquire as to whether behaviour and social activities might be connected to visual surroundings, and how this might be positively challenged to influence interaction.

The group aims to develop an international network accessible to our students; to help them understand the values of sharing, experimenting and researching, to expand their creative boundaries and to trigger their curiosity.


To make a long story short.
Our goal is to find effective and cost free solutions to solve social related problems (these problems can be big or small).

The main team is located in Oslo, Norway, but we also work with partners and students in Russia, England and France.
If you wish to join us, work with us, organise a workshop with us… , or if you simply wonder about anything regarding our projects, please feel free to send an e-mail to: S.O.D., Sunniva, Emmeline or Yann


Or, you can send us a postcard (we love postcards!)
S.O.D. / att. Yann Charles M Bougaran
Ranunkelveien 4 / 0861 Oslo / Norway

Org. Number: 914 925 282

S.O.D. (Social Oriented Design): S.O.D. 
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